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30 Two Handed Swords: Plymouth
30 Damask Fabric: Beiruit
30 Dried Figs: Jaffa
30 Pigs (oink): Faro, Gijon
30 Myrrh: Alexandria, Benghazi
30 Dried strawberries: Gijon
30 Amber: Copenhagen, Danzig, Riga
100 Mustard: Algiers

Should also note that you can bring them all in one bundle. Bring all 300 (if you can) with you at once or make two or three trips rather than ten. Also note that you are allowed to just repeat quests and they will count for your 0/10.

Tips: Due to the fact that most of these places are far away and have many pirates surrounding them, it is wise to get all 300 pigs from gijon and Faro and shuttle them to Pisa. Note: If you hand 30 pigs in, you obtain a purchase order allowing you to reset the amount of goods you buy from a market keeper. So if you go to Gijon, buy all the pigs, reset using the purchase order, buy more pigs, this is an effective way of getting the most you can in one trip.

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