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This answer is transcribed from a forum post by kingrikoraru.

Although this is probably silly to the pros, i found that there is a pretty decent noob trade routes that will pretty much power level both handi-crafting and cooking skills at once, as well as making a good amount of cash, mostly directed toward the Portuguese players, although Spanish players can benefit from this as well. xD

Things needed: Specialties skill acquire from medicine and animal trader. (ESPECIALLY THE TRADING SPECIALTIES!!!)

  • Simple Recipes book from Palma
  • Livestock secrets - Pigs from Porto
  • Livestock secrets - Sheep from Den Helder or Amsterdam (Optional-to power level cooking)
  • Book of Pharmaceutical preparation
  • Book of Seasoning From Palma
  • Brewing Secrets - Ask top investor in Hamburg to purchase it for you (most people sell for 50k)

First save up 2 job change cards as you will need both. Afterward, get the cooking book for pigs as well as simple recipe. Begin by milling wheat until level 3 :O, which shouldn't take too long.

Afterward, you have the choice of either going to Amsterdam and trade between Antwerp and Dan Helder, turning pork to lard, mill wheat to flour there and use the book for sheep to turn the sheep into lamb in Den Helder or stay in Portugal and trade between Porto and Faro, turning pigs to pork and pork to lard. Continue this until lv 4-5. All the items will sell back to market and give a nice amount of profit.

At Lv 4 cooking, you have the option to turn pork into bacon, although lard will give you the most amount of profit overall as it is easier to make 2-3s of lard. Continue this process until lv 5

At lv 5, begin making ham or sausage depending on whichever that hit your taste, a good place to do this is now back at Portugal between Porto and Faro, however, at this level, you can switch to begin handicraft and level both at once.

To level Handicraft, first make your way to Nantes, purchase the Book of Pharmaceutical preparation. Then go outside and, even though CaptnSea said in his guide to use other skills, Search works just as well and will result in grass still, and it saves more time. Turn grass into basic medicine until lv2. Lv 2 is where the leveling gets A WHOLE LOT EASIER. Unless you are too lazy to go far away, the best place is between Valenciana and Palma, both providing Olives for the making of olive oil from the book of basic seasoning. This will get you quickly to level 3-4, even 5 if you are not in a hurry to make money. It is suggest that you can finish at lv 4 and go back to Lisbon. If you haven't acquired the book of brewings already, this is definitely the time to get one. Cheat, beg, steal or whatever to get yourself one!!!

There are 2 options to doing this.

Route A

Go between Porto, Lisbon and Faro. Turn wheat into Aquavik , pork into ham or sausage, and wine into brandy at Porto. Then go to Lisbon and turn almond into almond oil using the seasoning book, finish by going to Faro and turn more unfortunate pigs into pork and then ham or sausage. These routes will take around 5-7 minutes total and will earn you around 100k total in profit each run, as well as a nice amount of fame and trade exp (Will definitely get you to lv 16 trade pretty easily, however, fame is pretty low)

Route B

Go between Faro, Seville, and Ceuta. Make Aquavik from wheat in Seville and brandy from wine. Then go to Ceuta and turn barley into whiskey, afterward take it to Faro and turn pig to pork to ham/sausage. This route is a bit longer, and a bit less money however it leaned more toward the handicraft leveling and winemaking, which would be a god gift later when you save up the wines and pack it all down to Arguin and sell it there.

This is all i have so far as i haven;t gotten the chance to contact with anyone in Montepelier to get the next brewing books, although i will probably have it done this weekend and experiment with other trade routes. Have fun with this for anyone who is still wondering of a way to make money ^^ I made around 500k in 2 hours using these ways getting around a level of trade per hour and around 50-100 fame...i don't really remember. Another important fact is ALWAYS HAVE EXTRA FOOD FROM THE GIRL IN LISBON. They help you speed up the process when the char is full from the bar...which is highly annoying.

This will probably put your cooking and handicraft up to around level 7 if you grind this.

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